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Improvement Location Certificate (ILC)

An ILC is the most basic of documents created by a surveyor. It is an opinion by the surveyor of any possible encroachments on the property. It is generally the least expensive and is often used by Title Companies.

An ILC does not detail the property boundaries like an Improvement Survey Plat does. 

Colorado State Statutes require the following certification be shown on the document:

(II) Such certificate shall be prominently labeled "improvement location certificate" and contain a statement in the following form:
IMPROVEMENT LOCATION CERTIFICATE I hereby certify that this improvement location certificate was prepared for ... (individual or firm) ...., that it is not a land survey plat or improvement survey plat, and that it is not to be relied upon for the establishment of fence, building, or other future improvement lines. This certificate is valid only for use by ... (individual or firm) ... and describes the parcel's appearance on ... (date) ...

I further certify that the improvements on the above described parcel on this date, ... (insert date) ...., except utility connections, are entirely within the boundaries of the parcel, except as shown, that there are no encroachments upon the described premises by improvements on any adjoining premises, except as indicated, and that there is no apparent evidence or sign of any easement crossing or burdening any part of said parcel, except as noted.

Note that it specifically states the the document is not to be used for the establishment of improvements. This is because a surveyor does not locate actual property boundaries when creating an ILC.  Boundaries shown are from the recorded plat and are for reference only.