Blue River Land Surveying

First question is what is it you are trying to accomplish? Are you selling or buying a property? Are you looking to build a home or add on an addition? Do you already have a property and are starting construction? Are you looking to subdivide or consolidate a property? Do you own a mining claim and want to know where the boundaries are?

We will look at each of these and discuss what types of surveys are appropriate.


I am selling or buying a property with a house on it.

  • Real Estate contracts usually specify one of two types of documents. The first and simplest is an Improvement Location Certificate (ILC). This is an opinion by the surveyor of encroachments on the property. This may satisfy the requirements of the Title Company.  Learn More
  • The second type of document generally specified is an Improvement Survey Plat. This is an actual survey where the boundary of the property is located exactly. Learn More 

I want to build an addition to my home or add a garage. 

  • Anytime you are starting a construction project is a good idea to sit down with your local city/county planner and discuss your project. They will give you some basic survey requirements. Typically you will need a full or partial boundary survey and a topographic survey. Learn More

I have a property I want to subdivide.

  • As with construction, there are many city/county requirements around subdivisions. Visit your local planner to get details on the application process, fees, and other requirements. Once you have an idea of what you want to  accomplish we can work with you to develop a detailed subdivision plat. Learn More

I inherited or purchased a mining claim and want to know its boundaries.

  • Mining claims are a special type of property. A surveyor can do the research and locate the boundary for your mining claim. Learn More