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Mining Claims

We specialize in mining claim research and retracement. Mineral surveys are quite different than a typical land survey in that they may not have been resurveyed or monumented since they were created in the late 1800's or early 1900's.  
There are several different types of mineral surveys.

  1. Lode Claims: Generally are rectangular in shape and specify a discovery shaft or trench.
  2. Placer Claims: May be any shape or size.
  3. Mill Sites

The first step in most mineral survey retracements is research into the origins of the claim. This includes finding related documents managed by the BLM or located at the clerk and recorders office. Many times mining claims overlap and junior/senior rights need to be determined.

Field work consists of locating original monumentation (corners). These may be marked stones, marked 4x4 posts, etc. Also, items like discovery shafts or original buildings (or what is left) are located.

Final documentation is similar to a Standard Improvement Survey Plat.