Blue River Land Surveying

Surveying Services We Provide


Improvement Survey Plat (standard boundary survey)

An Improvement Survey Plat is the most common full survey we provide. Other common names are "Boundary Survey" or "Land Survey Plat"

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Improvement Location Certificate

An Improvement Location Certificate (ILC) is the most basic document we provide and are generally used for real estate transactions to document encroachments.

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Topographic Survey

A topographic survey is usually performed in preparation for construction of some type. It may be a simple as an addition to a home or a comprehensive as a completely new development. Surveys may be performed on the ground for smaller parcels or by air for large tracts.

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Construction Staking Services

We provide complete construction staking services and taylor what is provided to the needs of the contractor.

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Mining Claim Research andRetracement

We are specialists in Mining Claim Retracement. We have extensive experience in Lake and Summit Counties. 

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Subdivisions / Consolidations

We provide all survey doucmentation to either create a new subdivision or perform lot consolidations. We have good relations with each of the city/county planning organizations. 

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Section Breakdowns- Large Parcels (Ranches)


Legal Descriptions

We can create the legal description exhibit for various easement agreements.