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Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys are generally performed in preparation for some type of construction. We can do either partial topographic survey (for instance if you are just adding an addition to your home) or a topographic survey of the entire parcel. Topographic surveys may also include a partial or full boundary survey depending on the circumstances. 

How We Perform the Survey

Depending on the size and geographic variability in the property the survey can be conducted either by a ground crew or by air (plane or drone). Roughly speaking, parcels smaller than 5 acres are done on the ground. Parcels greater than 10 acres are always done by air. We coordinate with an aerial mapping firm to perform the flight and photography. Newer technology (for instance Lidar on Drones) has brought the cost way down and enabled quality data even with tree cover. We then integrate with ground work (setting of targets, locating boundaries, etc.) to provide you with the final product.